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Luxury Dog Hotel Exclusively For Smaller Breeds

Woof Woof Ranch is the most exclusive, purpose built, state of the art, boutique, luxury dog hotel catering for all needs of smaller sized dog breeds.

Whether you are on holiday or at work, your best friend will be living the dream on 4 acres of rural heaven overlooking the Hauraki Plains and Coromandel Ranges at our luxury dog boarding, daycare and grooming spa facility.

Woof Woof Ranch is unique, unlike any dog boarding or "kennels” totally cage free, home from home comfort. Real dog care for your littlie, in a Real dog hotel. We know that home is your dog's favourite place, with you, but when you can't be there we are their home away from home.

A holiday at Woof woof ranch is like going to grandmas for your littlie, they get totally spoilt.

Real comfort is provided at our Ranch. All day socialising and fun with us, in our safe environment with only small numbers of other little guests. Also a huge choice of areas for individuals to find their comfort zone, either together with other littlies or in a secret spot contemplating the day, our Ranch has it all.

Whether it is running in one of our fully fenced grassed play areas, snoozing on the deck or under the bridge, or chilling amongst the large range of soft furnishings.

We cater for all ages from pups to pensioners, Agile and Fragile, having designed areas to be accessible to all. Our wrap around decks all are fitted with ramps so that all our guests can wander around the ranch and our grounds even if they have challenges with mobilisation or sight.

We provide the ability for anxious littlies, who may have not coped in other boarding environments, or may not have been in other boarding environments, to enjoy the experience of socialising without stress, and really develop confidence and enjoy their stay and want to come back again and again. This really allows owners to relax and enjoy their time away with real piece of mind.

As well as short stay boarding, Woof Woof Ranch specialises in comfort for our long stay guests. The complete ranch environment is conducive with reducing anxiety ensuring guests really are able to enjoy their stay, which is extremely important to us.

Our facility is acoustical engineered to minimise external noise such as thunder, fireworks and other stressful noises so that we keep our furry guests more comfortable.