Luxury Boarding – WoofWoof Ranch

Luxury Boarding

Exclusive Luxury Dog Hotel at Woof Woof Ranch

Woof Woof Ranch is a purpose built, climate controlled dog hotel for all year round comfort. Guests have all day socialising and company with other boarding and Play Day guests, with their own suites just for meals and night time comfort.

  • Boutique only 25 suites 
  • Luxury Individual bedroom/Home style suites. Double & King size suites available for family members to share
  • Quality designed beds, with comfort mattresses
  • Luxury bedding
  • 24 Hr on site supervision so needs met at all times
  • Cuddles and loves on request and more
  • High quality treats on pillow at bed time
  • Medications administered if required on request
  • Climate controlled, snuggly warm in winter, cool in summer
Food at Woof Woof Ranch
We provide only high quality premium dry food tailored for all ages in combination with meat, fish and vegetables. We also understand the importance and ensure guests special dietary requirements are met if owners provide individual food products. 
Special Woof Woof Nights
Everything about Woof Woof Ranch is special, from our famous Mr Woof Woof BBQs, luxurious Woof Woof Sunday roasts, movie nights, Woof Woof fish supper nights and more. 
High Tea with Mrs Woof Woof, utilising only natural ingredients in doggy home baking recipes always causes much excitement. Participation in kitchen assistance usually is at maximum.
Any special dietary requirements or allergy requirements will be ensured to be met with your requests.