Bookings – WoofWoof Ranch


Your best friend is only steps away to a luxury vacation.
Please read our Important information below before booking:
At Woof Woof Ranch our resource consent stipulates the following conditions must be met by all guests coming to the ranch, 
No Exceptions.
  • All guests must be smaller breeds. Our height restriction is 40cm or under from floor to top shoulder/back.(If unsure please contact us to discuss). Guests cannot be admitted at drop off if over this.
  • Guests over 6 months must be desexed. A desexing certificate will need to be sighted before stay.
  • Vaccinations and boosters must be up to date including -DHPP(Canine distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza ) as per their veterinarians schedule , Leptospirosis within 12 months & Kennel cough within 12 months of stay. A vaccination certificate will need to be sighted before stay. Vaccinations to be completed at least 7 days pre stay.
  • All guests must be sociable/tolerant with other dogs in a group and sociable with us.  No aggression towards other guests or our Woof Woof team will be tolerated at our ranch. Any obsessive behaviours/guarding or aggression with ball or toys can also not be tolerated in our open plan play environment. You will be contacted to collect your dog immediately or send a named contact to collect if this occurs. We provide a safe, fun, environment for all our littlies in our open plan play areas inside and out and cannot accommodate this.
  • Whilst we appreciate new guests may take time to settle into a new environment, and all guys are individual and take differing times, we do need guys to settle away from you. Guys who do not settle into the group and with us, can unsettle other guys here if over anxious. If you have concerns about your littlie settling without you please contact us to discuss.
  • To ensure our environment is right for all our guests and guests right for our environment all stays longer than a couple of nights will need to come for a familiarisation sleepover before a longer stay. This is for the benefit of all.


  • Set council requirement drop off time is between 8-10am. This is for the comfort of our guests here to minimise disruption in their day. This also gives newbies the whole day to settle into ranch life.
  • Stay until 10am is included in boarding. A no rush pick up after 10am can be arranged with collection anytime up until 430pm. Taking guests out of the group does not cause the same unsettled time which is why we have this flexibilty.
  • We love and are extremely proud to show off our ranch. Please contact us before stay to organise this at a time that fits in with you and our guests here before stay. We do avoid look arounds on drop off and in busy/holiday periods as we want the most settled environment possible at all times for our guests.