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Why The Wonderful Woof Woof Concept.

Why The Wonderful Woof Woof Concept ? you ask yourself.

Woof Woof Ranch is not your traditional regular Dayplay or Boarding.

Woof Woof Ranch is a totally different unique concept for little guys. The absolute best.

The Woof Woof Ranch concept really has encompassed everything you could possibly ask for to ensure your little dog is treated as part of the family. 

Everything Lisa and Kevin would want for there own precious family members Steve & Bryan who are super super loved and spoilt too is at the ranch. They totally understand 100%. This takes all worry away from you so you can enjoy days away and trips away too. Our Guests are Happy Guys.

So you may ask yourself what is the difference-

  • The main point of difference is that the Woof Woof way is to be with our guests. They have  company with us ALL day long. No being put away in cages for periods of the day as in a lot of other Dayplay and Boarding. Owners often are amazed that this happens in other scenarios but it does and causes anxiety for a lot of littlies.
  • Woof Woof guests love the all day company, socialising and chilling together. This creates a calm, relaxed and happy environment. Individuals can choose there days as they would at home, but with extra benefits of stimulation, socialising and fun when they want to with other littlies. Our guests get important power naps when they want to, and where they want to. Whether its chilling on a deck or bridge for our sun-seekers or snuggling on a luxury cushion or couch, or finding a vacant lap from the Woof Woof team. We have it all.
  • Being with just small numbers of smaller guys gives  a lot of our littlies more confidence to socialise and integrate in the group. They feel less anxious about being away from their usual environment, especially anxious littlies that haven't had a lot of socialising. This really builds confidence, and develops the guys, giving them a whole new outlook and improves overall well-being. 
  • Our littlies get the whole run of our ranch, not being split up for size, as in a lot of other boarding, its so lovely. They enjoy helping Mrs Woof Woof in the kitchen , and laundry as they would at home. They love supervising Mr Woof Woof mow the lawns and  take care of their outside domains.
  • Our Ranch is simply the best. Modern, comforts, inside and out. Climate control for all weather comforts. Acoustically designed to protect our littlies from loud noises eg thunder and fireworks.Totally cage free. Landscaped and set in the most beautiful location overlooking the Hauraki Plains and Coromandel ranges. Quality is entrenched in the ranch including all our toy choices and menu food options for our gorgeous guys.
  • Our Ranch provides 7 day a week Dayplays and boarding in a safe environment with similar like minded guests. The environment is conducive for stimulation, play and important dog interaction. Time at the Ranch allows your littlie to gain confidence independently without you, so that if you have to be away they are used to being without you helping with seperation anxiety issues.


What are you waiting for. Join the Woof Woof Ranch family today, Simply the best.